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Skytracker Southeast is the largest Searchlight Company on the east coast.

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The Skytracker Southeast staff has over 18 years experience in
sales, renting and servicing searchlights.

SkyTracker Promotional Searchlights will turn curiosity seekers into customers within that critical three mile radius of your business.

Nobody can resist the appeal of nearly a billion candle power of light sweeping across the sky! People follow the lights... right to your front door!

Nothing competes with the Proven People Pulling Power of SkyTracker Searchlights sweeping across the night sky to focus the attention on you.

Add promotional punch to your advertising mix! You won't get lost in a sea of radio, TV or newspaper ads.

Our Skytracker Searchlights are just a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Whether you rent them occasionally or choose to purchase for permanent installation, you can't beat the return on your advertising dollars.


Skytrackers Southeast is an independent rep for Ballantyne of Omaha (Skytracker manufacturer) SEARCHLIGHTS.

If a purchase is in your plans, give us a call for the best price on the best searchlight on the market today. We also carry a complete stock of Skytracker parts for immediate delivery.

Bring excitement to your next grand opening, special event, sale, or entertainment venue.

Skytracker STX4


Includes a Minimum of 3 hours of operation, delivery and set-up. Fully self contained power. Your choice of a trained operator or for multiple nights, Our Searchlights are easy to start yourself.

Skytracker STX1


We can repair your old Skytracker!

We can perform any repair required to make your old searchlight brand new again.
From welding and fabricating (to make the new parts fit the old parts), to a complete paint job and rust protection.

With a complete shop with the best technicians in the country, we not only service and maintain our own equipment to the utmost standards, we also service Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island (with 8 four beam Skytrackers in the sky every night ), The TD Waterhouse in Orlando and other companies Searchlights as well.

We also help support the 10K Searchlights used at NASA during every shuttle or rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center.

Give us a call to discuss maintenance and repair on your old Skytracker..


Searchlights are available for lease, rental, or sale.

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